Tony **** (l****@g****.com)


I hope you can help me. This is one of my favorite pictures (I'm the guy on the left). Can you take the people out of the background so that it's just me in the picture? And get rid of my tattoo on my right arm, I don't really like it anymore. Also, I'd love it if you could possibly "beef" me up a little bit haha. I'd like to look bigger.

Thanks in advance!

Photo****Photoshop Troll (undercover)

Hey Tony,

It was an odd request, but here it is bro.


Tony **** (l****@g****.com)

What the hell? I wanted all the people out of the picture. And why do I look like I'm crispy sun burnt? I wanted to look more muscular. I like the shark though!

Photo****Photoshop Troll (undercover)

Hey Bro,

I'm sorry bro. I thought that guy was your bro, so I kept him in there.

The beef isn't cooked at all, I made it less bright though. How is this?

It's very lean as it is. It's perfectly marbleized! If I take out all the fat it would look more bison-like.

Thanks Bro