• http://twitter.com/DuckityDuck Filip Tkáč

    Awesomesauce. Definitely adding website as bookmark. Keep up the lulzy work. 😛

  • Jhon

    hey, I need a Feed, and I coulden’t find it. Could you please show me, or add a Feed? Thank you =D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=639355016 William Saikotic Bogard

    Superb work. Hilarious.

  • backgroundsisawesome

    I LOVE YOU! More more more!

  • Hans Blumenberg

    Yes! Great work, my only suggestion would be to try to get a little more millage out of your marks (ie, include their responses, maybe don’t name yourself “photoshoptroll” in the forum, etc). Anyway, keep up the hilarity.

  • Imfromtheville

    classic stuff.

  • Eleni

    This is gold

  • Jon Bejarano

    I wish there were follow up posts with the persons reactions. 

    • ethan

      the reason there aren’t is because his name is photoshoptroll.

  • bananananaran

    even good guy greg approves this trolling. awesom!

  • bananananaran

    even good guy greg approves this trolling. awesom!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Maliqi Faton Maliqi


  • Guest

    I mean how else should one respond to this request? Making the people twice as high as trees or making them fly in the air?

  • notatroll

    Kind of kills it that you post yourself as photoshop troll, they will get an email saying photoshoptroll has posted on your comment and be like…. eh.. a troll…. kinda kills it dude, I know you are going for interwebs fame and all that but pick a different posting name. 

    • Snub.

      Yeah, I use this name for trolling
      So if you see this, prepare for trolls.

  • Guest

    LOL trolling at its finest.

  • DanceFailsCheeruhoh

    lol. nice one. 

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  • bom

    the reason this is funny is that there was actually no point doing that.

  • anonymouse

    That’s not actually a bad photoshop 😀

  • http://www.facebook.com/Jessica.Hebrada.Bieber Jessica Hebrada

    what site was that on

  • sdfghj

    OMG D:D:D:D::D

  • pbilk

    They wanted a postcard look by the looks of it, either that a levitating look, lol

  • Lake Palmer

    Personally, I like this one as much as Thailand.

  • Youssef Eder

    there is no way to do what she said in her way otherwise it would be Illogical
    but this is the right way

  • Erwin Herrera

    i cried till the tears

  • Anon

    reddit, tumblr and 9gag are for faggots. Come to 4chan for real fun,

    • wqerg

      Go fuck yourself.

      • faggot


    • MovieBuff

      Moot sold out 4chan to the PC Inquisition. Reddit is run by Chairman Pao.

      What is left that is right in the world?

  • Im anon


  • DZTheBest

    ”Hello, so i want…”