Trolled by:Β PhotoshopTroll

  • Billy Reynolds

    OMG! He looks like Jesus!!!

    • Christian Petersen

      That’s what I’ve thought. XD

  • Joe Gunton

    Lol I think we all knew where that was going, and my God was it glorious…

    • frank murder

      no it wasn’t. fuck you.

      • Frank

        fuck you too.

  • Jaqobs

    man this is mean :0

  • Spillage Griffiths

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! YOur second pic was fucking amazingly time consuming! I hope everyone appreciates how much shit you put into this mate! Good one !HAHAHAH!

  • Asteies eikones

    lol you are the man!

  • Ridwan Hardiawan

    dafuq man? πŸ˜€

  • lexlou

    So mean!

    • Rebecca Sith Lord Boyer

      No he’s not. If you read the previous comments, you’d read that he sent the guy an honest attempt after the jesus face pic. I miss your work, Photoshop Troll! I hope you are doing well.

      • Macro

        Indeed, please come back!

  • Jacky Yang

    Nice homage to the potato jesus meme!

  • Guest

    What, what a dick. I hope you ended up sending him a serious attempt.

    • PhotoshopTroll

      Even trolls have hearts… Tiny hearts, but they’re still there.

      • Matt

        Would you mind posting the actual completed one?

    • Aron Estabillo

      I’m guessing you clicked the wrong url.

  • iman

    i really thought you were not gonna be mean this time,with Boriis being so polite and nice,but you did it!you’re hilarious

    • Daveface

      I was thinking the same usually they’re ass holes from the start but he was really good.

  • Anonymous

    I like the ones where you string them along a little more with gradual changes they don’t want and get frustrated trying to tell you what they mean. Amazing work though

  • Demian

    Sh*T! LOL!

  • Lauren Duggan

    No reply?

  • Bug Reporter

    Your deep linking detection mechanism returns a false positive and shows the “Someone is being an asshole by hotlinking my image” replacement for restoration.jpg on the rss feed and on the main site.

    • PhotoshopTroll

      Oh weird. The RSS feed is automatic, I didn’t know it had that problem. I’ll look into it!

      • imsad

        I read your blog via an rss reader and now I can’t see the pictures thru it… Maybe it’s what you wanted but this makes me sad ;-(

        • orishi

          Press CTRL+F5

          • Ben Marvin

            Ctrl+F4 fixes the problem too

          • Nuri Baltalioglu

            So does Alt+F4

  • Ryan Stuck

    too good!

  • ilcoloccio

    Hmmm I saw it coming. Too predictable!

  • Guest


  • dogbomb

    This is MEAN? No…. THIS…. IS…. TROLLING…. *kicks into pit*

  • Mcs Woo-jin Chae

    Fuck Yeah!!!

  • The Not So Miserable

    Ha ha ha, I love it! Your gentle teasing is very sweet.

  • Barnaby Pratt

    its even better when they are nice, shame there was no reply at the end though !

  • YouHaveMyAxe

    I’m a big fan of the site, but this was the first time I actually hoped there wasn’t going to be any trolling. The guy who sent the photo was super-nice and modest the whole time, so once I saw the end picture I was kind of letdown. I hope you sent the guy a fully completed good restoration, and didn’t get his (and his moms) hopes up for only a cheap laugh πŸ™‚

    • PhotoshopTroll

      I don’t mind pissing one guy off for thousands of laughs in return, that’s totally worth it.
      I couldn’t leave such a nice guy sad – I ended up sending him an honest attempt (as “Erik”).

      • Dudette

        Show us that one, mate πŸ™‚

    • Francesco

      I felt EXACTLY the same. And all that “gift-for-my-mum” stuff almost touched me. I really hope you sent him the honest attempt, I think this time he deserves one.

    • Guest

      when this one came out i read on a website it was posted on that he did make an actual one afterwards πŸ™‚

  • FlatFoot

    Oh man. I’m dying here checking out this site.

    You got skillz.

  • Anna Lee

    LOLOL. It’s sad her mom won’t get the photo though. But omg I couldn’t stop laughing.

  • lilah

    that is brilliant lmaoo xD

  • C20ona

    After the great work on the kid’s jumper at the start, I suddenly knew where this was going…it had to end with a bang. Genius troll once again, and always worth the wait (+ kudos of course for helping the guy out in the end).

  • Lainer

    It’s not the same when they stay calm and be polite the whole way πŸ™ Still funny though ^^

  • Joe

    Is there a link to the proper fixed one?
    Wish I was this good at PS πŸ™

  • Dion Dakis

    I was hoping the chain would continue and you would subtly keep making the boy’s head bigger and bigger, and more zombie looking. It’d be great to see some more with people getting riled up and trying to get in an argument with you!

  • Sparky

    I tricked one of my friends into sending you guys something about 2 weeks ago and he hasnt gotten a responce yet. How long does it usually take? It’s a picture of him and his friend in suits doing some weird pose from homecoming. He wanted it touched up to give to his friend and he’s getting kinda annoyed that its taking so long. I REALLY wanna see him get trolled and since he is already annoyed it would be really funny, but please do it soon. I dont want him to give up and find somewhere else.

  • Pat


  • <aesrvgjhyhi6rt7j6ry

    OMG!! Ecce homo from Spain! I’m so happy ^^

  • Eleni Tsiamparta

    Haha, I love you for this! And for making a real effort to send him the result he wanted in the end

  • tgalvan

    I’m confused as to what people expect when they look through this site. the fact that you have people posting that they are ‘sad’ or ‘disappointed’ actually makes it more comical. I’m sorry. this is like going to cake wrecks and expecting to see a beautiful cake. wtf. it’s a mess. that’s the point. it’s my morning laugh. move on if this is not the ‘outcome you were hoping for.’ THAT IS THE POINT. Jesus!!

  • Mona Terreaux

    This guy is my fucking hero

  • m_artin

    No answer from Boris?

  • Frank

    Where’s the once-a-month troll, troll?

  • Yuri de Castro

    The work on the sweater is just… FABULOUS!

  • Carlos MΓ€enpÀÀ

    A month and 9 days since the last update πŸ™

  • Sean Sicard

    No new post recently :c Sadly I can’t donate. I think this site has great potential to becoming viral. I found out about this website by damn lol.. Maybe people should put these posts on damn lol more often, with the website adrees

  • Postman’s Cap

    Can you please post the “honest attempt”?
    Very funny as always, you are obviously incredibly talented. I’m really curious to see your final product because I’m sure it’s excellent.

  • Frank

    Dude, Are you okay? Haven’t heard from you in a long while.

    • frank

      Seriously Mr. Troll Dude.
      Are you okay? Did you get your socks sued or something?

      • frank

        Dude. Seriously. Did you get sued?

        • frank

          dude. seriously serious. and serious dude. dude. seriouses.

          • KingofMoonMen

            I’m seriously serious when I ask of the seriousness of your serious inquiry. Seriously though, this guy is seriously the biggest troll out there, but seriously not because of his serious photoshop trolling, but really because of the serious fact that he trolls his fans by seriously not posting serious updates for three months.

          • frank

            Dude, that seriously just blew my mind.

            And for the record, the real frank (me) only seriously commented those first three. Someone is seriously trolling me with that fourth comment to my comment to my comment to my original comment. Seriously.

          • Hovo

            Guys, Siriusly :p

          • frank

            seriosly go back to critisising a non posting troll

          • Frank

            Seriously, fake Frank.
            You mad bro?

          • fag

            are you guys having a frank party wtf

          • frank

            Seriously! Wtf! Seriously! πŸ˜›

          • Frank

            I only posted the first / initial comment months ago.. seriously guys?

          • frank

            Dude, are you done yet?

            BTW, has anybody heard from our favorite troll? Is he okay?

          • nigger

            MOAR MOAR MOAR

          • frank

            Please, seriously, disregard this. It is a troll trying to troll me by trolling. I am the real frank. Seriously.

          • frank

            No you’re not. I’m Frank!

          • frank

            Stop it! I’m Frank! Seriously!

          • Macro

            This guy is as serious as Yahoo Serious. Seriously, dude, we must know. Your art is seriously missed.

          • Frank

            Quit trying to out-Frank me!

      • Mr. Troll Dude

        I’m ok! Seriously! πŸ™‚

        • Mrs. Troll Chick

          Honey, why did you come late now? Are you cheating on me?!

          • Mr. Troll Dude

            No babe, you are my only troll chick! Seriously! πŸ˜€

    • Bacon

      HE DED

  • Volunteer

    Hi Photoshoptroll,

    It seems you haven’t been completing a lot of trolls lately. Maybe you’re backed up? Anyway, I have PS (and I’m ok, but not a pro) and I would be willing to help you troll people. I have a few tricks up my sleeve and need something to do with all my spare time. I’d love to help out!

  • Or Pick a Name

    search in subdivx there was the asshole haha

  • Guest

    This was pretty foreseeable. Still a nice one. Please, more trolls!

  • oldam

    hi photoshoptroll, You are just my king, never seen something more funny. I’m a professional of photoshop, and if you need I can give help (for free of course), if you need guys in the team, count on me. (you have my email)

  • the www

    Dear Mr. Troll,
    I miss you. Please come back with more of your ingenious skills of an artist.
    The Internet

  • Photochromic


  • Erick

    I peed my pants

  • Mini-Van Mega Fun!

    This site is the funniest thing I think I have ever seen! I was crying from laughing so hard! The best part is how obviously good you are with PS.

  • The Coroner

    Well it’s official. 3 months absence from the internet confirms that he’s died. Probably of extreme flatulence.

  • KingofMoonMen

    I really hope that you haven’t died in some horrific photoshopping accident, because what I’m about to say would seem petty if you have. You are the worst, and consequently the best troll on the face of the planet. Worst because you haven’t updated in exactly three months, best because you are successfully (and brutally) trolling the many fans that you have acquired through your funny work. Get it together man.

  • c4

    The troll is dead ?????????????????

    Need more…

  • Jak

    I pissed myself with laughter..:’)

  • Molly Gomez

    what I think is cool, is that Mr. Photoshop Troll is actually AMAZING at photoshop

  • Araim

    Oh god, Mr P Troll, this absolutely killed me. I was laughing so hard my insides were hurting. The fact that you so genuinely strung him along all that time just made it so much funnier. Thank you. I haven’t laughed this hard at anything in months.

  • Frederick

    I check this damn website every day, and every day I am disappointed. C’mon man 4 months between postings?

    • theguy

      i heard he died :

      • jem

        where from?

  • Yousuck

    Hey let’s ask for donations and put ads on the site. And then just completely ditch the site and your fans. Lame dude. Lame.

  • TheOtherGuy

    moar please!!!!!!!

  • cem

    U r dead ?????

  • PhotoshopTroll

    Sorry everyone, the site got hacked. I’m still trying to get back in control of it, hopefully I’ll be able to post a new troll soon.

    • jake

      OMG i was wondering why u werent posting anything !!! woo hope u post another troll soon

    • dickheadpolice

      lawlz ur not him. we got a troll here. the real one has a registered account
      i hope he posts soon tho

  • kai johansson

    Still alive?

  • Sebastian Dreyer


  • Sebastian Dreyer

    post something new!

  • Faggery McGhee

    Come on man, it’s been almost 6 months since an update!

  • gast

    hey photoshop troll, are you still alive?

  • Frank

    Can anyone photoshop tumbleweed???

  • MysteryMeat

    rip fotoshop trol 1864-2012

  • Llort

    RIP Photoshop troll. You will be missed.

  • goombah

    Where are you? Why did you leave us?

  • Lord Troll

    come back you troll

  • PhotoshopTroll


    • adf

      fake as hell man

  • Kyle Wolfe

    We love you man! Please make more!

  • greg

    the page on facebook for the fake website is still updated
    maybe he’s gone straight?

  • derpnumber2

    I kinda feel sad about this one, the dude was nice ahahah but I’m still rofling ahahahahahaha

  • Modow

    Make more please. Your last post is from almost a year ago.

  • Potato13

    Its been over a year. I think he died.

    • Jim Rustler

      maybe all his trolled users killed him

  • CaioNV

    site is ded

    • Faigot

      thanks foe telling

  • Anonymous

    Please bring lolz back to my life with other peoples misfortunes. we will donate sincerely everyone.

  • Laura

    I think this is an old post maybe, but Boris if you check these comments email me at I’ve been searching the internet for projects to retouched/restore and I came across yours. If you would like to see how it came out email me. P.S I’m sure Brian would have done it for you, but judging by the comments, you were being a little too demanding so he called it quits. He was working for free after all πŸ˜‰

  • Anon

    Come back pls!

  • Jimmy Spoons

    Please start doing this again! It was/is my favourite website. Happy to donate. We miss your immense talents (in both photoshop and satire). Best x

  • James

    Dude, I been visiting your site religiously while you were posting new ones! I miss updates on my bible πŸ˜€ Hope you’re planning to do more!

  • TDLB

    Happy 2 years anniversary of the death of this site! πŸ™

  • PhotoshopTroll

    Hey guys, I haven’t posted much, but I will be reviving the website! Sadly I cannot do a lot of uploading since the file host wont let me edit anything without paying. I also got a new paypal since my old one was hacked.
    Please donate so we can start the website up again!

    • PhotoshopTroll

      Are you the real one?

      • PhotoshopTroll

        Yes I am.

        • TrollPhotoshop

          I am one realy yes

          • Photoshoptroll

            Yes me is de real photoshop troll give me money.

    • Romer

      sounds like a scam hehe

      • PhotoshopTroll

        That’s because it is. See, anyone can set their name to photoshop troll.
        The difference is, this guy was stupid enough to post his PayPal e-mail publicly…

        • Mr. Awesome

          Also, he doesn’t even have the right profile pic.

  • Les McBurney

    Is this every going to continue?! No more trolls out there? ;-(

  • CaioNV

    R.I.P. in pizza πŸ™

  • Manitha Chandrasena

    given the circumstances, i wouldn’t of trolled him

  • Taylor Cubit

    Please go back and give this guy a proper one. He was being kind and he seems like a nice dude who wanted this for honest reasons.

  • bausman

    Looks like the site’s dead.

  • Rugged_Individualism

    Hey dead site: Happy Valentine’s Day, 2017!

  • Lachlan Galavin

    R.I.P. Photoshop Troll. You will be missed.