NYC Trip


Trolled by:ย PhotoshopTroll

  • the dude

    Hey I think these people go to Union high school in Camas Washington. The logo on the redhead girl’s sweatshirt look the same of the high school’s logo.

  • dbanks

    Oh god, my sides are in orbit right now
    sumadat tru NYC smoke CHOP CHOP BANG BANG

  • JB Lim

    LOVE IT!!!! This is hilarious! More of these, please. The whole “customer” reaction thing is what makes a PhotoshopTroll entry funny.

    • PhotoshopTroll

      These emails spanned over 2 weeks. It’s difficult to keep them on the line for that long!

      • RoyalPunkAss

        I’ve seen all the posts and some of them would take 3-4 hours just for one of the pictures. You have a lot of time on your hands don’t you ?! xD Keep up the trolling , you rock !!

      • Hans Loures Bauer

        It was funnier when it wasn’t fake

  • TheLordOfDarkness

    User Feedback: “that’s exactly what I wanted”

  • Mark

    awesome! maybe to keep them hooked/replying.. do what they want, but with something extra that they didnt want, so they see that you can do what they want. like this one, she saw u can actually remove people, and doing a good job. so she thinks its worth a shot relpying and trying to explain to you. maybe other people can assist you if you have enough requests? would love to troll people like this lol!

    • PhotoshopTroll

      I’m might try to branch out eventually, it’s just hard to organize.

  • Ash Ketchum

    Lol the cigar in the girls mouth… XDD

    • Barfuhok

      It just looks like a cigar.

    • Michael Havas

      Cigar? Noooo it’s a blunt.

  • Daniel Winter

    WOW! Back on form Photoshop Troll! I LOVE THIS!

  • Kieron Moore

    Think this is the best one yet ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Gaetano B

    denzel! hahaha

  • That Guy None of Us Like

    She earned it, ‘There’s one guy none of us like’, and she wants him out of the photo, what a prick

    • dieFANBOYdie

      Thats what i was thinking too… like, great… so in 20 years, that guy is either the next billionaire CEO of some major tech company, the greatest rock star the world will ever know, or a nutjob who goes on a mass killing spree.

      • rte

        Or probably just another rando, which is what normally happens. Not every unpopular kid succeeds or bursts into flames.

        • ef


          • EisenTower

            Don’t try and hide behind inconspicuous initials EMMA. THE INTERNET KNOWS YOU BY NAME NOW.

      • Princetoma

        “that guy is either the next billionaire CEO of some major tech company” – Christian Grey? hehe

    • Stephen Norman

      Or he may genuinely be a creep that hangs around and doesn’t get the idea that no one like him. A dingleberry. I’ve known plenty.

      • Seejay

        Why would they invite him with them on an interstate vacation then?

        • Stephen Norman

          School trip with no choice about who gets to come along? You never had that one obligatory member of the group that no one really liked individually yet he/she was nonetheless tolerated by the group as a whole? Were you home-schooled? Because this dynamic happens in all organizations and institutions, basically in any event or situation that involves large groups of people.

          • Captain Obvious

            I bet you eat a lot of cereal… (Someone had to say it.)

          • Stephen Norman

            Because I’m verbose? That’s why we’re all here on the internet commenting on this pointless blog, right? To argue, to make pointless observations? Did I miss something? Oh well, whatever it is, doesn’t seem too important.

    • Jacob Berghult

      What if he raped all their mothers and killed their pet dog, cat, turtle, ponny, elephant, American or something?

    • Claire

      If they don’t like him, why’d they bring him?
      Unless afterwards he did something really bad and everyone learned that he was actually a huge tool, that’s a pretty bitchy move.

  • Sir Trollington

    Finally! Great! Keep up the good work!

  • Simon Betancur

    great stuff

  • Anthony Massas

    photoshop troll is the king. he’s SUPER fuckin good at PS and uses his skills to make others miserable. i love it!!!

  • Van Hinten

    Haha, another hilarious one ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Sumadat

    I’m with you, Lindsay – ‘Yakov’ has some pretty good skills!
    Love the face change to the cigar girl.

  • Paula Ambros

    Pretty sure that girl on the far left is saying something with her hand…

  • Amethyst Holman

    What I want to know is how he got the skyline and the guy in the background. How did he remove all those people and show the hidden parts of the guy in the back? The skyline, well, Google could solve that, but that guy…. He would have had to have a picture, wouldn’t he? I thought it was flipped at first, but the folds on his jacket are different on the left/right sides and his zipper isn’t even showing in the first picture. Is the troll just faking all of this, or is he just seriously that talented with a copy of Photoshop?

    • PhotoshopTroll

      I’m probably a witch.

      • Nico

        is that an implication that you’re female?

        • PhotoshopTroll


          • Captain Obvious

            This is seriously a huge compliment for someone to think you’re so talented that you are faking this. Great work, Manwich troll.

          • PhotoshopTroll


          • Adria

            Isn’t a Manwich 3 guys hugging?

          • MikhailFaustin

            A sandwich is a sandwich but a Manwich is a meal. Also, do you still do photoshop trolling? Or have you stopped?

    • Loopa

      i guess its possible this is fake, but it is possible to do what they did in this. even if they need to completely reconstruct an arm, a leather jacket or whatever, there are amazing artists out there.

    • nigga balls

      I’m going assume it’s fake.

      • D

        It’s Photo-shopped. You can tell by the pixels.

    • Seejay

      The previously unseen parts of the guy in the background were mirrored and subtly shifted a bit with clone-brush and touch-ups to make it seem less mirrored. Creative mirroring is a standard tool for photoshoppers when a unique subject is obscured.

  • Wuffie

    Pop on a lens flare to make it moar desu.

  • Loopa

    good on em for fucking em around, what mother fuckers

  • DJ J-Ninja

    Read all of your trolls. So funny! I laughed to tears =D Keep it up man


    Best Ever!! – LMAO

  • Walter White

    You are amazing. I’ve been scrolling through this site and laughing till I have tears in my eyes. I will definitely be following this site in the future. And possibly sending a donation or two. Please don’t stop doing this any time soon!

    • PhotoshopTroll


      • It’s me

        Less time commenting, more time uploading new trolls, maybe? It’s been nearly a month….

        • PhotoshopTroll

          Comments don’t take too much time – a finished troll takes me several hours. I barely have any time during the week since I have a full-time job, I’m going to spend some time trolling this weekend. Hopefully that will result in something post-worthy.

        • noms

          less time complaining about stuff people upload for free for your amusement, more time not complaining about stuff people upload for free for your amusement…

      • It’s me

        Cool, delete comments that you don’t like. That’s a fantastic policy.

        • PhotoshopTroll

          I assume you are talking about the comment below this, which clearly exists. The only comments I ever delete are really offensive ones and spam.

        • Arthรผr Tรคylรธr

          What an absolute bellend you are sir.

    • Jesse Pinkman

      Walt what are you doing here?

  • incubebeta

    ubber funny

  • thisisgreat

    OMG i know these people!!!! if you knew the guy you would have done the same he’s a huge creep

  • Bayaraa

    You guys are ROCK , i cant’ stop laughing

  • troll

    these new ones are better, with reactions and without out spoiling everything right away with a denouncing nickname. Sick english too very good.

  • Anders

    Get a Flattr-button please! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • PhotoshopTroll

      Interesting idea, I’ll look into it.

  • InlovewithManwitch

    haha I love you. Will you photoshop me children?

    • PhotoshopTroll

      I’ll consider it.

  • Samuel Andrade-Sangster

    “yo i hooked u up wit sumadat tru NYC smoke CHOP CHOP BANG BANG!!!” best part

  • A fan !

    Wow, i LOVE this one. Like some people said, it’s GREAT to have the “customer” feedback. I love the way they feel sorry… =D

  • Marco Berrocal

    hahaha this site is fucking gold

  • Kerem

    hahahahahaah ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Matze Sbek

    hahahahaha ๐Ÿ˜€ “chop chop bang bang”

  • punkkmind

    That guy is beautiful.

  • GetTheFuckOut

    This is a real fake, from where you got the all picture of the dude she hate? is imposible do that whit photoshop at least if is a magic one.

    • oldam

      of course it is, look carrefully how he did, there two times the sames building its just very well made

    • oldam

      i mean of course it is not fake, i work on photoshop for 15 years and i can say its pretty good work but its absolutly not fake

    • NoU

      His face is mirrored. Look closer.

  • Myself

    This is awesome and you’re totally crazy. How many time do you spend on doing this??

  • ILoveArt

    This is hilarious! Great job. I absolutely love it!!!

  • DirtyBoy

    could not laugh more !!

  • urmama

    nice hahahahahahahahahahaahahahaahaha

  • Itsa me! Marco!

    “yo I hooked you up with summa dat try nyc smoke CHOP CHOP BANG BANG” had me rolling on the ground.

  • sw

    haha I love what you did with the eyes in the finale

    CHOP CHOP BANG BANG – keep up the good work!

  • Andi

    The most amazong thing in the last picture: First the guy was removed! The smoke is transparent and you see the buildings behind!
    Awesome work!

  • Sean Ireson

    hahahaha oh shit im in stitches after reading that, nice one!

  • couch@scrotch.cumoverme

    ah, nothing like having an ‘untouched’ image of already-pre-existing tampon lickers.

  • Scott Stewart

    This is what you call a true troll !

  • David

    I felt really sorry for that guy. I really like to concept of the first picture. ๐Ÿ™‚ Another idea would be that the red head guy’s face should have been in everybodys faces. Hahah!

  • Kat Krueger

    This is amazing. The detail you got on the male solo was absolutely stunning. Grats. I’m shocked. Love this site ^^

  • 58Mikey

    cigar is a nice touch… bwahahahahahaha

    • jonathanselwall

      “cigar” lol

  • nekiz

    awesome juster awesome dint laughed so much at one picture reall yawesome work

  • balle

    these troll things make me laugh out loud

  • Eloyer Marian


  • Joseph Philbert

    Sorry that shit was funny as hell!

  • Pepe Whereverr

    The last one…. damnit… xD

  • trolol


  • Melvin

    I came here to learn but instead I keep on laughing scrolling down… VERY VERY GOOD..

  • loler

    There should have been one with everyone’s faces replaced by the face of the guy they wanted removed

  • Jim Rustler

    i miss you photoshop troll, now i have money…

    Baby come back, you can blame it all on me / I was wrong, and I just can’t live without you… r trolls!

  • Jeff Heintz

    i love this cause im a pro photoshopper, need help, lol. jk u dont need anyone ur great

  • Think

    …now, exactly THAT kind of shitty bitch-girl is the reason for Columbine and others. … but again i laughed the shit out! <3 Photoshop troll

  • Crisis

    Will you update this website anymore? This was sooooo cool! :p

  • Hannah

    haha =))))))

  • Elroon

    It is a pitty that this website is not updated any longer. The best Trolling ever. I laughed so hard ๐Ÿ˜€

    Really big pitty ๐Ÿ™

  • Roman Atwood

    Do more

    • Jonah Treiber

      You’re not Roman Attwood, because Roman’s last name is spelled with two t’s, not one. Ha, sucker.

  • Raoul

    Perfect… In da face bitches…

  • Subata

    i swear, i’m pretty sure someone can easily use gimp to cut the guy out of the picture and use the other picture that has nobody in it as the layer behind that picture, and walla~ he’s gone. i’m not even a photobucket genius.

    • Johnny Kronaz

      Clearly not English genius, either. “Walla” isn’t a word.

      • Ye

        Voilร  is a French word

        • Johnny Kronaz


  • That guy on the right

    A sad story, perfectly told in two pictures better than any movie could do. Epic.

  • LOLGuy

    Justice served for this bitch. LOL if they uncover her name….

  • Mark Schroeder

    How do I get a pic photo shopped?

  • Murica

    Them twin towers ๐Ÿ™

    • Questions

      Are you fucking dumb?

  • Name

    That twist ending tho.

  • MovieBuff

    Cruel people deserved to be trolled like this

    • Dajackster1

      If they were really cruel, they would have told him he couldn’t come with them because they didn’t like him… They spent their day with him, and maybe they just want one photo without that guy who annoyed them and they were too nice to say that…

      • trollguy

        He’s the only one who wasn’t smiling in the first photo though… no wait, maybe the other corner of his face was actually up in a smile but it got replaced with the other mirrored half in the second photo.

  • Birdman

    Hahahaha, I love what you do guys, keep doing that.

  • William Arkhaiovic

    Mudda Awsome

  • Jesse Wiatrak

    You should leave in the final reply to the final photo so we can see their reactions

  • Nico Domeus

    There is no way you would know that jacket looked like that. I call fake on this one.

    • neil deremer

      What are you talking about – it’s a mirror image. They just cut him in half and then flipped it since you couldn’t see his other side…..

      • Nico Domeus

        No, the folds are different, there is no collar on the right side. But there is on the left.

        • Lachlan Galavin

          It’s called “finding a picture of a jacket on Google and then adding the details to the photo”. Extremely common thing to do that everyone who actually knows how Photoshop works knows. You don’t just have to stick to one picture, you CAN add in elements of other pictures, kind of the whole point of Photoshop.

    • Verthal

      All of them were photoshoped separately onto clear picture to begin with, later its just layer play.

  • Enclave

    Oh… Denzel!

  • Photo Editing Company

    Badass! I really like it!!

  • Dean L Norton

    Chick in the smoke needs to throw a gang sign.

    • trollguy

      And soon, the rest of the group will be impressed into the gang too.