How can I accomplish this effect?

UPDATE: I got banned from that forum, and they removed my post.

It looks like I’m going to have to be a frequent poster. :D

Trolled by: PhotoshopTroll

  • Veltier

    i lol’d.
    Keep up the excellent work.
    People should know you can’t keep a good troll down.

  • Guest

    Oh theeeeeeeey mad.

  • William Saikotic Bogard

    Fucking fantastic. I loved the followup emails.

  • Lol

    This site is so funny, i bookmarked it and check it everyday

  • Skeptic

    Not as good as your previous ones, though. I like the ones where you do what the poster asked, just not exactly the way they meant it better.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the feedback.

    • Aguy

      Myself, I thought this was a hilarious twist.

  • ras

    Hey dude i don’t wanna copy you, but can you tell me whats that forum? I wanna troll someone too lol

    • Rkinney

      It looks like photoshopgurus

      • Anonymous


  • Chev

    Oh that sucks, sorry you got banned. Personally if you had trolled me like that I do think I would have laughed and sent you a PM asking how you did it lol.

    With all the nasty, spiteful trolls around, you think people would appreciate a genuinely funny one.

  • Chev

    Oh that sucks, sorry you got banned. Personally if you had trolled me like that I do think I would have laughed and sent you a PM asking how you did it lol.

    With all the nasty, spiteful trolls around, you think people would appreciate a genuinely funny one.

  • Aguy

    Tears… laughing…

  • heretic

    inb4 moderator fails “whit” grammar

    • Horkak

       a typo WHO CARES my god people are stupid

      • MrTBshaw

        Agreed. Who cares if ignorant people go gallivanting around the Internet parading their ignorance?! //sarcasm

  • Gotham Knight

    Be forced to take a more drastic measure!!!! Trollers beware LMFAO!!!

    P.S. your should send this to adobe :) Render >Captains Hat seems very useful to me

  • Doodle

    Best photoshop tutorial i’ve ever come across.

  • The Dude

    More more MOOAARR

  • skara

    haha they are even banning you, when you a say a single bad word about that forum or that they do not understand jokes. that’s really poor =/

    • horkak

       well its ment to be a serious spropriate forum of course find somewhere else to do this that they dont unallow it

  • Jbyrd117

    i fucking died laughing at the face that is “similar” to the original haha

  • Garett Steven Kemp

    I wish you would have corrected him for his spelling error, he spelt ‘with” wrong with “whit”

    • Jerry

      This is the same as writing “spelt” instead of spelled. I pity the fool!

      • MrTBshaw

        Actually, “spelt” is used in past tense or as a past participle in the British English dialect. So, if that user is from Great Britain it’s fine, if they aren’t- Burn him at the stake!

  • Akriloth2160

    Hey, $1r_M4x1mu$, way to feed the troll. You LOSE.

  • Guest

    This is probably one of the few REAL photrollshops on this site.

  • FunnyShit

    win!!!!!! eerrrrrr……

  • FunnyShit

    win!!!!!! eerrrrrr……

  • FunnyShit

    win!!!!!! eerrrrrr……

  • Ralph

    render captain’s hat is epic

    • Stelo

      That is the part that actually made me LOL. I emphasize the OUT LOUD part!

      • mrsean2k

        A solid 10 minutes laughing at “Render” -> “Captain’s Hat”, my wife had to come and ask me if I was OK.

  • Duke MexiPlex

    Hahaha “drastic measures” you guys are hilarious

  • guest

    As a moderator he mispelled With… what hast this world come to?

    • horkak

       I hope your joking

  • Abbee Smith

    Anyone else notice the captains hat number is 69? 

  • wk

    …miss informative?  sounds like an interesting lady to me…

    • Shrimpman76

      Yup, met her once. She knows everything. EVERYTHING!

  • Batman

    what an asshole.

  • jpeg

    what are the “more drastic measures”??

  • Pierre Penninckx

    Maybe call his mother :/

  • Sandvikboy

    It would probably be a good idea to learn proper spelling before trying to make any wannabe threats.

    • Horkak

       because spelling totally matters in life

      • china balls

        because spelling totally matters on the internet you mean lol

        • José Damiani

          “well be forced to take a more drastic measures”
          Iven sauthamericans laik mee rite bedor dan that

          • Yes

            Now I want to spend some days and nights with blender, thank you for that :)

  • Derpwad

    That guy needs to chill the fuck out.

  • HoneySaysHi

    yup cuz trollin’s always funny with photoshop :D

  • Horkak

    now that just wasnt nice you ignored the rules why dont you expect to be banned

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  • mertymert

    Love the use of Papyrus and Comic Sans in the tutorial. You have super
    Photoshop skills, are hilarious, and have exquisite taste in typography.

    • PhotoshopTroll

      Haha! I’m glad someone finally noticed the fonts…

      • mertymert

        they’re the two worst fonts!! and they look so terrible together!! I love it. I’m guessing that you’ve been a graphic designer a long time and have had a lot of annoying clients. Only a true professional could do this high-level of Photoshop trolling.

        • PhotoshopTroll

          Actually, I went to school for design but I realized I suck at it, now
          I’m a web developer.
          Photoshop is just a fun hobby for me. :)

  • Samuel Andrade-Sangster


  • mr.nobody

    party pooper.

  • SeductivelyDarkPrinceOfMordor

    A guy whose avatar is Spawn and goes by the nick M4X1mu$ is doomed to take himself and the world around him much too seriously.

  • font

    I love how you used Papyrus and Comic Sans, the two worst fonts.

  • Antonio Tesla Trichilo

    drastic measures???? what will they do? burn your modem?

    • Shrimpman76

      Worse, they will send a formal complaint! In writing!

  • Jordan Joseph

    I am having trouble finding the “Captain’s Hat” option… can you help?

    • Noddy Venhier

      It’s right there, under “Render”.

  • MikhailFaustin

    I particularly liked the reply to the moderator. Keep up the good work

  • DanBolivar

    Sorry, but the lack of humor only proves a lack of intelligence. Learn to lighten up, life is fucking short.

  • YouArePathetic.

    Meh, this isn’t really funny.
    Ban evading?
    You guys are pathetic.
    Get a life, will ya?

  • Josh

    Is it just me, or is that guy Cole Phelps?

  • Tomos Burton


  • Tomos Burton

    It’s like Lex Luthor in a cape! I expect someone to say ”YOU’LL NEVER GET AWAY WITH THIS!” then he goes ”Oh, but I already have! Hmhmhmhmhmhm…AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!”

  • hehe13

    reddit brought me here

    • DickButt

      High five?

  • shitbutt

    damn reddit bringing me to shit websites…



  • Blabla

    Usually forum moderators have an IP scan tool that lets them ban whole IPs from posting there. If you post with the same IP with different account, they’ll know.

    • ben pierce

      just use a proxy or vpn, its not hard

    • LeonArcher

      Ah moderators, they think they have any ability to control anything that happens on the internet. Damage mitigation at best I’m afraid.

    • Robert

      Thats why you give your ISP a ring and ask them to change your IP, that or run it through a proxy or VPN