• hbiibi

    epic! I bet this guy is now happier than with the white background!

  • Wagonlover


  • Cls241

    Much better than the white background anyway…,gpa is a star!

  • Eric-Sebastien Lachance

    Maybe I’m too much of a perfectionist, but I can see some white around his jeans and cap, you know, like a cheap crop job. Are you getting lazy? ;)

    • Anonymous

      Good eye. This wasn’t my work though. ;)
      It was submitted by drij21

      Pretty damn good for his first one sent in!

  • Veltier

    Pretty funny. I still get amazed how people can cut something out so perfectly. Maybe i need to practice a bit more

  • DogShitSniffer

    Does anyone know of these websites with the photoshop requests? I would like to partake in this

    • Anonymous

      This is how I find requests. http://goo.gl/3CqeT (The search filters on the left are important)

  • Carnivore_Apple

    how do you come up with this stuff?
    seriously, respect.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1355125594 Jiayue Wu

    Oh god, you’re geniuses lmfao 

  • http://twitter.com/shirishk101 Shirish K.

    lmafo !!!

  • Trypsilon

    Am I the only one to see Nicolas Sarkozy in the background of the original photo?

  • http://www.facebook.com/roxas.saix RoXas Saix

    This actually made the image more awesome.

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  • Dani

    Given what I’ve seen trollingwise, I was expecting a yacht or something in the background.

  • Erikka Miller

    lol this is awsome!

  • Doremon_nobita50

    The original pic give me peace, i want to be in it

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  • http://www.facebook.com/A.Less.Morbid.Marla.Singer Kayla Borg

    Aww, I hope you did actually send him the requested image as well though. It seemed like something he was asking for so he could put it on a father’s day card or something. The man on the children’s bike might be his grandfather?

  • a fan of your work

    Missed an opportunity here. Removing the tricycle and having him sitting on the bathroom throne. White no less

  • Lance Strongarms

    Pain is temparary. Photoshopping lasts forever.

  • OCDuckstache

    LOL. xD

  • Amy

    That’s actually kinda awesome.

    • Amy

      oops didn’t see the other comments saying awesome not trying to be a copy cat. *merow*

  • LotusZoitachi

    I love how it’s George Costanza lol

  • Dan

    This is pure genius! Ahahaha :D

  • Frikster42

    Laughing… so… hard

  • atomed

    Did he win?