• Shinobi_47

    you sir just become my new hero

  • http://twitter.com/FranWins0827 Fran Wins

    I love that you made her friends look prettier while giving her a good trolling. Good job. 😉

    Her female pal is already pretty cute tho… maybe shopping out the cigarette box would have helped. 😉

  • http://twitter.com/SLuG1972 SLuG

    Lmao…another great job photshop troll!! Love you guys

  • Folstack

    I would love to see their reply to these trolls!

    • http://twitter.com/OZZlE Oskar Mothander

      INDEED!! :/

      • http://profiles.google.com/alexanderbitt Alejandro Suarez

        obviously in this one she didn’t answered

  • Zackary Myers

    Her eyebrows are so… weird

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=683850092 Kieron Moore

    one of my new favourite websites

    Makes me giggle that you feck their photo’s up in such a professional way 😉

  • Plop

    “My awesome pictures”
    “I look great”
    Yeaahh….. Okay. She deserved that one.

    • http://twitter.com/kannewall katie rogers


      • Can’t say no to this

        Wanna make out?

        • More always bettah!!

          Can i not join? (◣_◢)! lol

          • http://www.facebook.com/adam.nelson.usaf Adam Nelson

            If you are a chicka then I don’t mind sharing lol

  • Chucky

    Goddamnit, this post nearly killed me from laughter.

  • digital_trucker

    Talk about just plain BEGGING to get trolled *chuckle*

    Excellent job on the dude, btw.

  • Guest

    Sounds like she wanted to be trolled…

    Good job on the photos though ;))

  • R355UR3CT10N

    More please xD

  • TheInfallibleAsshat

    I like how he made the dude like a stud. 

  • TrollAndTroll

    More !!!!!

  • Anon

    It’s been three weeks! It’s time for the every-three-weeks update!

  • IIIusion

    Oh lol I thought you were going to mix between the female and male friends. Put the make up on the guy lol

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  • gX

    That’s so sexy! :)

  • Umite

    You don’t seem to understand that part of the funny comes from the “victim” reacting to your work… You ought to be more subtle to lure them in and only go over the top more towards the end. Or whatevs. Reaction shots would do this site good.

  • roel

    i laugh at every post xd

  • http://twitter.com/sahandmirza Sahand Mirzahossein

    This is easily one of the best thing I’ve seen in recent months…or maybe ever, seriously. I cannot stop laughing. Fantastic. Seriously.

  • Guest


  • yakov

    is that Sarah Jessica Parker?

  • dutchmindmaze

    lmfao, this is just too good, she was asking for it lmao

  • Tom

    Oh my, ‘s been a while since I laughed that much. Thank you. Forward to donate for your talent !

  • Don Ducks

    I saw this at 10:30 at work today.
    The whole department has popped by to see what the laughing was all about.
    It is now 13:28 and I better go home before I am fired

  • Sndk

    oh putain de merde j’ai failli me pisser dessus !!

  • Millenear

    I daresay she learned a lesson! And her friends now have great pics to show their friends!

  • http://twitter.com/situn98 Silver moon

    Too Beautuful !!!! LOL-

  • Scorpiatus

    Totally Great!!

  • Daney

    I just found this website and I love it!!!
    Im cracking up at work and people is just wondering why. lol

  • anon

    Anyone wonder if the submitters aren’t actually using their own pictures and are sabotaging others, lol.

  • Donk

    Hahaha… I’m crying, I’m really am. Hahahahaha, I can’t stop laughing, you sick bastards… shame on you… and keep going with trolling 😀

  • Amodia

    This is just so awesome 😀

  • Diona Bob

    I cant stop laughing! At least the guys picture looks good.

  • dCA

    I salute you sir!

  • Sidredd

    hahahahahahahaha!!!! Awesome.

  • Guest


  • Yese

    And she never returned…

  • MisterBonnie

    Woah she seems like a complete minge, good job on the Photoshop!

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  • Dr. House fan

    Lisa Cuddy?!?!

  • ryan


  • Armored Titan

    I like it how he makes all her friends become beautiful XD