• http://www.facebook.com/humortogo Foudil Omar

    Classic, yet funny.

  • Reece Dowson

    You can keep these going for much longer. Although its funny, they have the potential to be even better 😛

    • PhotoshopTroll

      I love a lot of back and forth, but sometimes they just stop responding and all the work goes to waste. 

      • http://isaacnordstrom.se/ Isaac Nordström

        Are you posting the ones where they stop responding? If not, you should. Maybe just in another section.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Forrest-Shuman/1458942573 Forrest Shuman

    when i saw the face on the knee i just about pissed myself XD

    • memo meme

      i didnt see it until i read ur post loooooooooool

  • Jacob Bond

    so funnnyyy keep it up!

  • Norton

    Not at all where I thought you’d go. Which I guess means you trolled me. :)

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  • Emperor Scott

    I didn’t see the one on the knee!!! Thanks Forrest Shuman for pointing that out !!!! 
    And I know what you are saying Photoshop Troll, about not being able to “keep it going”…I guess it’s all in the dice sometimes? Anyways awesome job as usual!!!

  • poiuytrew

    these are getting better and better. bravo!

  • poiuytrew

    these are getting better and better. bravo!

  • Nutz

    AW shit that was a total LOL!

  • Noreply

    How the hell can I see the other photos? I can only see the first and second thread…

  • Christopher Vaught

    LOL the girl on the bottom right looks incredible.

  • Christopher Vaught

    LOL the girl on the bottom right looks incredible.

  • aBrutalHipster

    I honestly cried, hahaha

    pleeeease upload more frequently if possible.
    this just became my favorite website<3

  • Kroche777

    lol even the kids knee is smiling lol

  • Thriell

    Obviously, they all  have the same dentist.

  • ilcoloccio

    Hahaha. Good one mate, but too short! We want longer trolling!

  • coco

    i literally peed a little on myself laughing

  • Erikka Miller

    overall i think youve accomplished the zombie look! totally hot bro!

  • troll

    lol the tshirt

  • troll

    lol the tshirt

  • Nekryphilliakk

    Even his knee has a beautiful smile.

    • Brap

      It’s a kid lol


        ITS A KNEE SHUP.

      • Arka arka arka

        Da fuq u retard it’s a FUKKEN knee can’t you see? The FUKKEN knee belongs to the FUKKEN kid are you retarded? Jeesh…


          Woah, calm down.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Thomas-Wiig-Holmedal/100003003466488 Thomas Wiig Holmedal

    i vote for longer trolling!!

  • Eddie Hill

    I almost choked on my sammich when I saw the final result… xD

  • troll

    If you look closely, the knee has a face

    • Half-dead from laughing

      Good god, you nearly killed me by pointing that out, at least I would’ve died laughing though

  • siege

    the knee lololol 

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  • Pinatahtf

    Alright, this made me laugh.

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  • Bob

    Oh my god !! This is too funny !!! I can’t stop looking at your posts !!! I need to work but I can’t this website is stronger than my will !!!

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  • BigASS

    Hey Guys I’ve got a problem here.
    Whenever I take a dump, my anush stretches around 30CM, My cousin once put his head inside and now he’s stuck! WTF DO I DO?!

  • Max

    just dribbled on my table

  • Ripsta

    HaHaHahaHHAHAhAhAH menangis siot tengok…

  • arseface

    shoulda just swapped the guy’s face for the girl’s and vice versa!

  • arseface

    the knee is brilliant though

  • deeznuts

    holy shit why do I keep looking at these, every time I look at a new one I cant stop laughing and I’m getting in trouble at work lol

  • K.J.Grey

    love that one

  • http://twitter.com/RolandVonCiel Roland von Ciel

    i just wish we could see the ‘customer’s’ faces when they get those last versions…

  • gaynal

    The teeth! The teeth!

  • lung


  • Leifi

    I’m dying! hahaha


    I used to be an adventurer like you. but THEN, i took a smiley face to the knee,

  • http://twitter.com/situn98 Silver moon

    BABY !!!!! lololol

  • goldenblls

    Absolutely hilarious! Long may this last.

  • Derpisan

    That looks so much like Shaun White in the right bottom corner 😀 lolol

  • chick

    bye feed, unsubscribing

    • scott

      Why are you announcing this?! lol No one cares.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sean.ireson.7 Sean Ireson


  • Huehue

    omg i cant stop laughing help me

  • Zera Tasmania


  • anon

    amazing, lol! even the knee has a smile!

  • grapl

    fuck off, that’s not possible 😀

  • Arvind Krishna


  • dagquoo55

    OMFG I can’t stop laughing xD

  • g

    Anybody notice the knee looks like a sloth?

  • Rick Lara


  • Dodo

    I laughed so hard at this cuz i had already seen his same smile on both first photos

  • afifbim

    ahahhaaha koplak!

  • Armored Titan

    LOL xD