• Ritzmill

    hehehehe… so dumb.. so worth wrinkles cause from laughter…

  • Boby_451

    Hilarious jaja very funny. Saludos desde Mexico

  • Brian

    Very good

  • http://www.facebook.com/nowigen Neuee Idahu Gildo Perez

    hahahaha OWNED

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mobilemick Mick Partington

    lol  keep em coming……

  • cgimusic

    This is a really good Photoshop and really funny. I hope to see more in the future. How did you fix up the castle after the crop? Another image from the internet?

    • DerMixxer

      If you watch carefully, you’ll see that the castles are not the same, f.ex. the banners are missing and the gate is much brighter than the original was

    • Ian Baker5

       Wow! You not only know how to put dicks like ‘Brandon’ in his place, you also have great photoshop skill.
      I would ask you to do something for me, but…………!

    • Dot

       Sarcasm? The fixed castle looks terrible haha

  • Suddendeath_07


  • Pete

    No-one works harder to get a laugh than you do. SO much work involved in removing Mickey – you even closed up Walt’s hand!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002395146276 Peace Legacy

    This is oddly moralistic

  • Masacre

    You are the best, keep up the good work 😀

  • Deeznutzs

    I’m amazed how quickly people get pissed off. The “service” your providing is free!

    Speedy Gonzales…………Damn that was good!!

  • Dildomaster

    Yeah, keep it up; you’re the best!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pierre.pellegrino Pierre Pellegrino Milza

    This one is so fucking amazing haha

  • Speedy

    One of your better ones!  ¡Olé!

  • http://diablo3maniac.com/ diablo3maniac


  • Imjustworthless

    Best one yet, I about died laughing!

  • Moist_

    LOL there goes my breakfast :))

  • Elian Roque

    This is amazing!

  • Guest

    Great! Hahaha

  • Asdf

    I shat myself laughing! 

  • Jocapiroca

    Pleeeease more posts! Totally my kind of humor. Greetings from Brazil! 🙂

  • Guest

    Sir, I support your vision of humiliating expectations. Thank you.

  • Jocapiroca


  • Guest

    too awesome! 

  • BonorSoup

    I laughed myself shitting!

    • http://www.facebook.com/enzeru.youkai Enzeru Youkai

      so… youre saying you were shitting and then started laughing? hmm… intersting…

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  • lend

    i love this so much please keep them coming 

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  • http://www.facebook.com/G.Jans Gilles J-c

    Creativity is back !

  • boja medic

    luv ya xxx

  • c20ona

    “I couldn’t tell which one of the women were Mexican, I don’t see people that way – I’m not racist” – Priceless! 😀
    Keep up the good work fella, you’re an absolute legend.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OOKK3KBK7M2DX5OKOV7ODZ3QTA Jay

    Did you put Lenin’s face in there or is that Walt?

  • trolldude

    Dude you need a new troll. I went on a 4 and a half week vacation and came back with no new trolls. very disappointing.

    • PhotoshopTroll

      There are a couple in progress.

      P.S. You weren’t on vacation for 4.5 weeks.

      • captain

        no, 20 days 😉

      • trolldude

        actually i was. It was a month and 2 days (so a little more than a month) vacation. My family visits relatives every summer.

        P.S Glad to know some are in progress.

  • captain

    You are nearly as awesome as I am 😀

  • Mr. Obvious

    It’s time again for the once-every-three-week troll!

  • Mr. Obvious

    Hey–where is this month’s troll? You’re running late! Hurry–you still have a few hours left to meet your once-every-three-weeks trolling quota!

    • PhotoshopTroll

      I’m late. I hope it doesn’t take 9 months until the next!

      • PhotoshopTroll

        Actually, I have one in progress that should be done soon – they’re not angry yet though 🙁

        • Mr. Obvious

          Oh, someone who is slow to get angry–this should be a good one.

          • Sir Trollington

            I agree – cant wait!

  • Eff Yu


  • Quimby

    Sorta looks like the statue wants her to fuck off too..

  • fgdtagrsfedggfd


  • Troll Face


  • Troll Face

    You’ve Been Trolled

  • Troll Face


  • dave

    Just showed this to a friend and he fell over laughing.

  • oli

    The best one, the best one I’ve seen.

  • EisenTower


    Ye Gods I love you Dave C xxx

  • punkkbrain

    She’s clearly Native American.

  • Johnny

    You don’t have to be racist to tell someone’s race. I mean, I know you’re a troll, so you try to get a rise out of people on purpose. That’s cool, if that’s your thing, then go with it. There’s a difference, however, between pretending you’re too stupid to recognize race, and actually BEING too stupid to recognize race. “Hahahaha I told the guy I couldn’t tell who was Mexican because I’m not racist!” Yes. You showing yourself to be a moron is funny. I say that with all possible sarcasm. One day you will become a man. Or a woman. I don’t know your gender. I do know that you haven’t yet reached the culmination of your human capabilities. If you manage to come up with some jokes NOT reminiscent of middle school, you will definitely be making progress. Good luck. So far your humor is ignorant and stupid, but I guess this is the response you wanted. Ironically, I’m perpetuating your adolescence, though you’re not intelligent enough to realize it.

    • Perry

      Bro, it’s a joke.

    • randon

      dude she’s not necessary Mexican, latino yes maybe but how would he be so sure she’s Mexican? she was not being racist he was being a jerk.

      • callmesuzy

        She actually “looks” more Asian to me than “Latin”

        This is exactly why we don’t go around ASSUMING someone is from somewhere or identifies as a certain race when we don’t know their ethnicity. That was the POINT of this troll.

    • Augure

      It’s actually not a joke. YOU are racist, and like most racist you don’t even know it. The guy who photoshop trolled knows what a racist is, you don’t.

    • Bum

      You’re a retard for having such low self esteem that you need to write a long response to prove that you’re right to people you don’t know and never will. Good luck in life.

    • Claire

      How do we know that lady is Mexican? She could be Venezuelan, Chilean, Honduran, Guatemalan, Panamanian, Peruvian, etc. Assuming she’s Mexican because she looks Hispanic is racist.

  • putos

    omg omg que chido

  • ThisPageIsFunny

    absolutely awesome lol

  • Andrew Lee

    ROFL You should have replaced the Mexicans with a KKK member.

  • The Dude

    Dave Chappelle – Mickey Mouse is Mexican

  • nameobriquesko

    should have said “i took out every thing i figured that had an i.q. of a tampon out of the image’… (have a nice day)

  • Synthetic

    0/10, identifying
    someone by their ethnicity does not make you racist. troll fail

    • SteppenWolf

      “Mexican” is not an ethnicity, is a nationality; so yes, assuming that woman is from Mexico just for the way she looks IS racist.

      • Atarii

        So you’re saying that if someone thinks I’m from America because I’m white, that person was being racist?
        So what if someone recognizes my accent, and wonders if I’m from Texas, when I’m actually from Louisiana? Is that racist? How far do you go with it?
        Define “racist” as it relates to believing someone is a certain nationality based upon his features?

        • callmesuzy

          LMFAO so suddenly your accent has everything to do with RACE? Lord slap me with a stupid stick.

        • asian

          tsk tsk.. american.. sigh.. (oops.. im not racist rite?)

        • satanclos

          sure, because, someone from america can be a mexican, a caniadian, a brazilian. when will people from the US fucking learn that

        • Claire

          Accents can tell people where you’re from. They have nothing to do with race. If I was raised in Africa, I would have the local accent despite being white. If I was raised in China, I’d have a Chinese accent even though I’m white.

    • Augure

      Racist spotted here

      • Adolf Skroatler

        Not everyone is a racist. You poor little scared rabbit.

        • Augure

          say the poor little scared racist. Don’t worry not everyone is racist, just some people like you.

          • Adolf Skroatler

            You are the lowest of the low. Everyone is a racist if they don’t fall in line. Is that your thought process little man?

          • Augure

            Nope my thought processes is that only racists complain about being called racist because they’re poor little scared lowest of the low.

            Talk about immigration, criminality, terrorism, religion as you will but the minute you assimilate or disseminate a whole group to skewed statistic, media tunnel-vision of events, demographic conspiracy, high-jacking of people actions, religions and history you’re a simple fucking racist period.

            That’s what SIW (Social Injustice Warriors) don’t understand, except SJWs scums nobody is preventing anyone to freely express themselves or ignore the issues, it doesn’t mean that people have to be fucking stupid and racists not to understand what extreme-right wing and media alternative or mainstream propaganda is.

            There’s only one truth, the racists, the islamophobes, the trumpers are the same people that enabled nazism, not nazis, people who build them and gave them power before regretting it and then be executed in wars or for collaboration. Now imagine what will happen in a few years if there’s a war for the second time, always with the fucking racist excuses, and with internet as a trace of everything…what do you think will happen, do you think anybody will give a shit about racists trying to justify themselves with “bbbbu-bu-but immigration, and islamism, and thugs, and so I didn’t know”…get a grip for the future it’s going to be a fun-ride.

  • that one black guy

    dude i f#cking love this ha!

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  • DanBolivar

    OMG this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen I swear to god! HAHAHAHA

  • RobotDinosaur

    Oh my god my sides are in orbit

  • http://dbakeca.com Dbakeca Italia


  • Manuel Alejandro Fernández Bou

    Best troll ever!! jejeje

  • Ragil Indra Saputra

    haha asu

    • Magdalene

      learn english goblok

      • Elbio

        Why should Ragil learn English? Because you’re a dick?

        • Tomos Burton

          Also, what the fuck is a goblok? Is that a Lego ripoff?

          • Ragil Indra Saputra

            goblok = stupid

          • Cooltoad81

            Sounded like turkey speak

          • Elbio

            So you know two languages while Magdalene can barely speak one. I think we all know who the goblok is here

      • Ragil Indra Saputra

        haha bacot

  • lol


  • brlll

    which one is the mexican person?

  • Diona Bob

    As soon as i scrolled down and didnt see mickeys ears i busted out laughing.

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  • Matilda

    LOL Burn, you racist!

  • Tuviejalaconeja

    This PS trolls are my heroes!!! Thanks for doing this XD please keep it up!!

  • Anonymous

    biggest trollery ever

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  • ldedlock

    This is fantastic!

  • Ghhue Dhimas Rastafara Uyye

    This is fantastic!

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  • confused

    I don’t get this. Who was the racist?

  • Andres Dominguez

    LMFAO!!!! my god this site is the shit!!!!

  • JohnnyboyMiami

    holy shit great!! prick sob that guy!

  • http://www.baffledbaboon.com/ BaffledBaboon

    Man Speedy Gonzales was awesome…

  • http://dbakeca.com Dbakeca Italia

    what is that ? :))

  • James Rustler

    What’s a photoshop? Is that a store or something?

    • DZTheBest

      Is a program. You can edit the photos on it 😀

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  • pika

    pas mal du tout

  • warex3d

    This is my new favorite internet

  • Shahryar Niazi

    I love the internet!

  • Jesse Schumacher

    Since when is merely noticing race an act of hate? Weird that he still differentiated between Speedy and Mickey tho. But, hey, what’s life w/o double standards?

    • Melissa

      Mexican is not a race.

      • Jesse Schumacher

        I did not refer to “Mexican” as a race. Call it Latino, Hispanic, whatever you want. Taking it as a nationality makes the argument even more petty and nonsensical than it already is.

        • Ed Gomez

          Latino and Hispanic are cultural not racial.