• Fatluca

    Thats my favourite one so far.

    Well done again

  • Giraffe

    BSSSHHHMMMMM (That is what a lightsaber sounds like)

  • Youremail Photoshoptroll

    keep up the good work! :>

  • Blondie

    that is so pretty

  • wonttell

    :D nice. a troll behind the steering wheel :D

    • Anonymous

      Good eye. ;)

      • Hab

        Ahhh, his >>> Future <<< car :D :D :D :D rofl lolz. Genius!

  • Hab

    Don’t get it…

    • Anonymous

      He wanted his FUTURE car photoshopped…

  • U Mad?


  • Sodoff

    dats crap man

    • Lod

      Hey Sodoff, sod off!

  • Ralok_one

    I cannot conceive a universe in which someone would be angry about this

  • Fabian Kontny

    Do you still have this picture somewhere without the PhotoshopTroll?
    I think it’s awesome and would like to use it as wallpaper.

  • Gregsal

    “but predicting the socio-economic conditions required some extrapolation”  OMG I think i just tore all my stomach muscles.  Can’t…..stop………laughing……..auuuuughhhhhh!!!!!!

  • Erikka Miller

    wow thats boss bro!

  • Marshal Walker

    background =/= white

  • DerpeHoves

    he said to make the background white.

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  • clint morris

    this is best website ever.

  • Stelo

    So as a photographer that uses Photoshop daily, I have to say, this website is by far the funniest site I have found. I know the time that goes into working on peoples’ garbage photos and the unrealistic expectations of the less PS savvy. I have laughed so hard in the last hour…Thanks! You made my day!

  • TMGRskat

    “in the best HD high resolution possible”
    This guy totally had it coming.

  • Kenobi

    The extrapolation of the Future’s socio-economic conditions is priceless !! xD

  • sijfer

    Why aren’t we funding this!?